5 Questions with WMUR News Anchor Jennifer Vaughn

New Hampshire- We just love WMUR News Anchor Jennifer Vaughn!  She’s been at the New Hampshire station since 1997 and is currently the 6pm anchor.  In our “5 Question” column, Vaughn reveals to TV News Mom how she is able to balance motherhood, a career, and shares details on her new book.

Name:  Jennifer Vaughn
Position: Anchor, WMUR-TV
Kids’ Names: Brody & Darby
Ages: 12, and 10

1. How do you juggle motherhood and a career?

The best I can!  But you’re 100% right, it is a juggling act.  Television news doesn’t always provide a standard 9-5 lifestyle, but in my case, that’s been perfect.  I show up for work around 1:30, which gives me the morning with the kids, some time to run to the gym, write, clean, grocery shop, make dinner, or work on house projects.  I love being home for a good part of the day, and not having to rush out in the early mornings.  No matter what though, the bottom line with my husband Brad and I has always been that the kids come first.  I admit that getting to evening school or sports events is a mad dash, but I do my absolute best not to miss a thing they do.
2. What is your best advice for new moms?
Don’t think you have to do it this way, or that way, find your own way!  Everyone has the image of the perfect family, husband sitting down to a perfectly cooked meal, wife smiling lovingly as he carves the turkey, children sitting peacefully by waiting for their squash and mashed potatoes, well–forget it!  Be okay with a frozen dinner from time to time, or not getting in the shower that day, or forgetting to unload the dishwasher.  Focus on your time with your kids, the happy moments, and the memories you’re building.  The rest of it just doesn’t matter in the grand scheme.

3. Describe your perfect family vacation?
We are creatures of habit.  Even though I have these big ideas of traveling here, there and everywhere, we always end up in the same places!  My kids are growing into fantastic skiers, so we hit the beautiful New Hampshire mountains as often as we can, because if you live here in the winter, you HAVE to embrace it, right?  Our summer escape is, by default, the beautiful coast of Cape Cod.  My most cherished days are spent on the white sand, breathing in salty air, and watching my kids climb wave after wave.  This summer, we hit the Vineyard for the first time as a family and it made me deeply happy.  Martha’s Vineyard has enchanted me since I was a child myself.
4. What is your favorite charity?
I love this question, but I can’t give you a simple answer.  Here’s why: Proceeds from my debut novel, Last Flight Out, are directed to New Hampshire breast cancer organizations.  I’ve lost too many women to this monster of a disease, so I would very much like to personally help take it down…once and for all.  But, as my writing career continues, I will expand my charitable donations to include other organizations, too.  I adore the mission of Make-A-Wish, and I salute every single person who shows up at a soup kitchen to serve a meal, or to walk a few miles to raise money for animals, or donate a prom dress for a girl who can’t afford one, or plant a tree for a soldier lost in war…I could go on and on here, but I think you get my drift that charities are critical to ourselves and each other.  Every single one of us should find something we care about, and then show up!
5. Tell us about your book?
Last Flight Out is the story of three lives intersecting at one moment in time.  It’s about family obligations, personal expectations, how fate can change the entire course of your life, and how it’s never too late to try and make things right.  It also dips into the dynamics of a political family, a fun topic for me to weigh in on, fictionally of course, given that I’ve covered presidential politics in New Hampshire for over a decade.  Suffice it to say you see some interesting things behind the scenes!  My second novel, Echo Valley, also brings to life this high stakes world, and what happens when you accidentally stumble into it.  Look for Echo Valley in the near future.
Last Flight Out is available in NH bookstores, in all ebook forms, and from my website, jvwrites.com.  Contact me directly for a signed copy!

To read more about Vaughn’s first book click here.

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